Hello everybody and welcome to my blog, Rack of Lam, named after my lovely surname and not my rack (or lack thereof)!

I am a CPA from New York City who's devoted the rest of my life to none other than bean counting. As boring as it may sound, I am extremely grateful and content with the interests and passions that I am able to integrate into my life: The Five F's - Fashion, Fitness, Family, Food and Fun-filled activities. Bean counting may not bring too much excitement into my life, but I can say that with the incorporation of The Five F's, my life is still F'in good!

I've had a major liking for food ever since I was a little girl.  The sight of food widens my eyes and eventually opens my mouth.  Almost all attempts to keep my mouth shut and restraining my voluntary arm muscles have failed.  I've convinced myself to believe that there is no such thing as being born to be a food lover, that I'm just fat ... until my niece was born.  As she grew older, my family and I began to see the resemblances between her and I.  We LOVE to eat and crack a smile upon our first taste ... how scary is that?  Subsequently, I accepted that while some people are born fat, there are others who were born to behave fat-ly, and I am one of them!

Like most girls, I like to play dress up.  I like to accessorize, wear colorful, pretty clothing, nice shoes ... but not to the extent that I'd pay huge sums of money for them.  If I want something considered "costly" by me, you might see it on my wish list, but chances are, you'll never see me wearing it.  My frugal side just won't allow the possession, which has its pros and cons.  Hear me battle them out here!

Having said the above, the role that fitness plays in my life is that of a necessity.  My rule of thumb is: splurge on food as long as you burn it off.  Frankly, fitness wouldn't be playing such a huge role if there wasn't so much excess calories being consumed!  Being an accountant doesn't help either because number crunching surely doesn't require much physical movement.  It's difficult having to motivate yourself to get your butt off a chair, stepping foot into the gym or picking up a weight.  However, based on several years of experience, the physical and more importantly the mental results that working out brings you are amazing!  It is absolutely worth the time to get up and get your a** moving because the end will ALWAYS justify the means!

Although nobody will disagree with me when I say that family members can get really annoying, I still love mine!  At the end of the day, they are the only ones who are there to support you, which is why it means so much to me to be there for them.  It truly touches my heart to provide for them, putting a smile on their faces and seeing them healthy, happy and well.  May I add, I cannot wait to start my own :).  I want a fat baby just like my niece!

We've all heard the phrase, "work hard, play harder."  Oddly, I'm a believer of "work hard now, play later," but it doesn't mean I don't play!  Find out what I do for fun during the rare occasions that I do!

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