Sunday, October 17, 2010

YAO's Dragon Beard Candy & Tonight's Dinner

I took a trip to Chinatown yesterday afternoon for a doctor's visit.  As I was walking down Bowery St. while complaining to my boyfriend on the phone about a rude lady I encountered at the doctor's office, I found myself standing in front of the Dragon Beard Candy cart that earned itself a "Vendy Finalist" title!  I told him I had to go instantly and promised I'd leave him at least one piece lol.  *click*  Then I ordered a box for $3 and started telling the couple behind the cart how popular their dragon beard candy is in the foodie world.  The lady steps out and points at the huge sign on the top of her cart that read "YAO'S DRAGON BEARD CANDY" and asked me whether the popular cart I was referring to was "Yao's" cart.  Hence, this shout out is for them!  Anybody who hasn't had a taste of dragon beard candy, try it out at Yao's cart!

Don't stuff it in your purse like I did if you plan to use it in your blog!
They look like baby mice don't they?  Must be eaten immediately before they harden!
I've been so busy studying lately that I haven't had the time to eat out =( so I've been eating in.  And for tonight's dinner: beef and broccoli stir-fry over brown rice.  It was yummy!

Does it look like take-out?
I say it's better!  Wakakaka

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gobble Gobble: Turkey 2 Ways

So I purchased 3 lbs of ground turkey for $6.99 and made 3 different turkey dishes over the course of one week.  Yes, I made 3 and have decided only to show you 2 because one of them is camera-shy.  Fine, I'll be honest ... she wasn't too photogenic, ok?  lol

The first dish is based on a recipe from Steamy Kitchen for Taiwanese Pork Noodles.  Mine didn't come out as beautiful as hers, with the needed colorful garnishes, but I have to say, the recipe was amazing!  I would've never thought 2 teeny weeny star anise, or star-anus as I like to call it, would make such a huge difference in flavor.  It didn't require much time either, which is fantabulous for a long day from work.  This recipe is a must-keep, thanks Jadyn!

The second dish is one that we're all familiar with - lasagna!  The only difference with mine is that it was made with a crock pot rather than an oven ... since we do not have an oven here!  Truthfully, lasagna straight out of the oven tastes better than one made with a slow cooker ... but you have to work with what you got right?  The recipe for crock pot lasagna is just like any other recipe for lasagna.  Needless to say, the only exception is that everything goes into your crock pot rather than a lasagna pan.  Because crock pots are usually round in shape, it is also necessary to break your lasagna noodles so that they fit into the pot.  Set it at low, then forget it for 4 hours!  It came out looking like crap, but I was satisfied!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Recently, I've been craving and having a lot of corn.  Whether it be fresh corn on the cob or homemade popcorn, corn possesses such a subtle yet distinguished flavor that make it rather alluring!  I must say also that corn is fun to eat.   I had a blast crunching my popcorn and using cooked corn kernels as teeth!  lol

I love the natural sweetness of corn, so I tend to eat it boiled and occasionally with some melted butter and/or salt.

The same applies to my popcorn.  I like to pop mine on the stove top with some butter and occasionally sprinkle it with some salt or cinnamon.  They are so addicting, I had a huge bowl yesterday night before bed!  Probably not the best thing to do, but popcorn has got to be the best of the worst when it comes to snacks.  The next time you see a bag of kernels at the supermarket, check out the nutrition facts of popcorn per serving!  You will be surprised!

So load up on some corn and stock up your cabinets with some kernels!  They're affordable and low-cal.  They are your friend!

The huge bowl of popcorn that is now ... a part of me