Saturday, October 2, 2010


Recently, I've been craving and having a lot of corn.  Whether it be fresh corn on the cob or homemade popcorn, corn possesses such a subtle yet distinguished flavor that make it rather alluring!  I must say also that corn is fun to eat.   I had a blast crunching my popcorn and using cooked corn kernels as teeth!  lol

I love the natural sweetness of corn, so I tend to eat it boiled and occasionally with some melted butter and/or salt.

The same applies to my popcorn.  I like to pop mine on the stove top with some butter and occasionally sprinkle it with some salt or cinnamon.  They are so addicting, I had a huge bowl yesterday night before bed!  Probably not the best thing to do, but popcorn has got to be the best of the worst when it comes to snacks.  The next time you see a bag of kernels at the supermarket, check out the nutrition facts of popcorn per serving!  You will be surprised!

So load up on some corn and stock up your cabinets with some kernels!  They're affordable and low-cal.  They are your friend!

The huge bowl of popcorn that is now ... a part of me

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