Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rack of Lam

Welcome to Rack of Lam: Special du Jour!

This may be my first blog post, but I am by no means a newbie to the world of blogging. I have a compilation of blogs that I frequently visit, ranging from food, fashion and fitness, just three out of the many things that I love to spend time reading about and exploring on the worldwide web. Today I had a sudden urge to create one of my own, but it didn't take too long to come up with a blog title, as I've already had one in mind for the longest ... Rack of Lam!

Now mind you, the title wasn't created to lure gentlemen in here, nor was it created to express to you, my readers, or anybody who stumbles upon this page, my liking for lamb. I like lamb, but not to the point that I'd title my blog after it. It's very simple: it's a play on words with my surname, and to name my blog after a food accentuates how much passion I have for food!

So welcome to Rack of Lam. In here, you will find my daily ramblings, or "Specials du Jour." Specials will mainly fall under the following categories: Food, Fashion, Fitness, Family and Fun! I hope you will enjoy my five-course meals!

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