Sunday, April 29, 2012

Forever ... 27!

Hey dolls!  Yes I am addressing the readers, if there are any, as dolls today because this is a premiere of a "fashion & beauty" post on Rack of Lam!  Woohooo!!  Isn't it so much more fun throwing in some sparkles and glitters on top of my food posts?  Anywho, guys are free to read this, but dolls, check out some great finds by me!

So I stopped by Forever 21, my all time favorite retail store, to return a few items that I've purchased online and weren't too flattered with.  They were dresses that looked perfect on the models showcasing the items, but when you place it on a 5'4" body, they're hideous. lol.  So I returned them for a gift card, but couldn't resist my temptations to run frantically around the store for good deals.

Geometrically stylish, but a tad heavy.  Still wearing it!
Love the threading, looks better on than in a pic
I thought these were so funky lookin!
Only $1!!!
Jumped on the mint bandwagon and got this!
For a hot summery day in New York, or the Caribbean Islands!
I HAD to buy this, it was only $1.50 and heart-shaped ... to scratch my itchy back.  Shockingly the massager worked pretty well too!

And now for the purchase I am most happy with.  You got me you got me ... I took a close-up and enlarged the pic just so things may deceivingly appear bigger than they are .... HAHAHAHA!  But on a serious note, I was amazingly surprised by how well this bra fit!  I really needed a new nude bra because my old one is a few years old =X and the straps were getting loose due to back fat.  For $7.80 I bought these in 38DDD (you know I'm kidding right?) and they fit so well!  After all they are Forever 21 so there were loose threads here and there, but nonetheless, a great find!  Love love love!

Check out the polka dots!
I'm turning 27 next week, gettin very old, but Forever 21 forever makes me feel like I'm 21!

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