Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Congee for Your Libido!

I made this for breakfast this morning!!  Congee with dried oysters, dried scallops & dried shrimp!  This is probably one of my favorite congees to make and eat.  First of all, congee is very simple to make, especially if you're boiling it with dried ingredients like I did.  No need for washing, chopping or getting your hands dirty ... besides washing the bowls and pots afterwards obviously.  Simply have all the dried ingredients soaking in water until they soften, then dump the entire thing (water included) into a pot with washed rice and additional water, enough to produce your preferred thickness and consistency.  Don't forget to keep stirring to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot or burning!!  Flavor, you ask?  A touch of salt is all you need because the dehydrated ingredients create enough flavor to satisfy your taste buds.

Look at the fat oyster ...

I love love love dried oysters and scallops.  Not only are the oysters good for your libido, they have such a distinct taste that differentiates itself from any other seafood ... or any other food for that matter!  Likewise, scallops are good, but dried scallops, in my opinion, taste nothing like a scallop.  The dehydration process, whatever that entails, gives it so much more flavor.  Together, they make a perfect bowl of congee.  Yummayyy

Disclaimer:  If you're a spoiled brat who enjoy food drenched with sauce or food jam-packed with "flavor" from sodium and artery-clogging ingredients, this may not be a dish for you.  You may find congee to be bland or mild.  Oftentimes, they are, but there are some who are appreciative of such natural & subtle flavors!  I am one of them!!

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