Monday, May 14, 2012

Jessica Simpson Launches Maternity Line

So Jessica Simpson recently gave birth to her baby, Maxwell Drew, and soon after announces that she will be launching the Jessica Simpson Maternity line.  With the success of her current shoe & clothing line, I believe her maternity line will do just as well ... maybe not equally, given that it is, after all, a maternity line ... but I think it will perform well FOR a maternity line.  Bravo to her for the birth of her new baby and her forever expanding fashion empire!!!

May I add, I fell in love with these shoes from the JS collection the moment I laid my eyes on them.  But Jessica!  Why'd they gotta be soooo damn high???  These shoes were NOT made for walking!!  (Love the song though!)
Gorrrgeous!  Just Gorge!
Being that it IS a day after Mother's Day, and in support of Jessica and her new line, I thought it would be cool to do a post on the hottest mommas with baby bumps.  Here are my selected few.  Ironically, Jessica Simpson was not included (Sorry!).  Just thought she gained a little too much weight.  She's still sexy though.

Adrianna Lima, sexiest VS model
Forever beautiful Beyonce
Jessica Alba and her glowing skin

Kate Hudson, ever so cute
Angelina Jolie, enough said!
Miranda Kerr, so sexy!

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