Friday, July 30, 2010

Protein Pancakes and Cafe du Monde

Today, I have the pleasure to stay home on a lovely Friday morning, enjoying some homemade protein pancakes with sugar-free syrup and a cup of Cafe du Monde ... with lots of milk please! Birds are chirping, the weather is pleasant, and life is just amazing!

Coffee is a staple in my breakfast. I drink coffee not so much for the caffeine, although the more caffeine it provides the better it probably tastes. I drink coffee for its boldness in flavor and aroma. Coffee offers a lot as it comes in a variety of flavors and ... just look at its color when blended with milk! I'm not a big fan of light or medium roasts although I'd take a cup if it's the only thing available. I'm more of a dark roast type of girl... and that is why Cafe du Monde is my coffee of choice. However, I have to say that it really stains my teeth! Therefore, I unwillingly switch my coffees around...

I've always loved pancakes. What girl doesn't, we love carbs! However, the pancakes I have come to know were either drenched in syrup, or loaded with fruits AND drenched in syrup. They ARE good, I can't deny that, especially with butter and whipped cream on top, but adding a different twist to it can not only diversify the taste of pancakes, but make it healthier! The special ingredient is ... *drum roll please* ... flavored protein powder! Adding flavored protein powder enhances the taste so that syrup, butter, fruits or even the wonderful dollop of whipped cream is not needed. You should all give it a try! Use a basic pancake recipe and add a serving of flavored protein powder into the mixture. Experiment with chocolate with some ground cinnamon, or just vanilla by itself. You'll love it!

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