Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why My Thai?

I gotta feeling ... that tonight's gonna be a good night!  That's tonight's gonna be a good, good night!

Tonight was the perfect night to dine out.  The weather's been fluctuating for the past week, so it was nice to see the sun again and feel the summer heat.  My beau and I decided to take advantage of the weather as well as a gift certificate that I had purchased a while ago to My Thai, located at 78th and 3rd Ave in Brooklyn.  It was a pleasant experience - great service, delightful ambiance and yummy food!

We started off with a dish of beef satay as appetizer.  The beef was tender and perfectly marinated.  It came with 2 dipping sauces, one that was vinegar based and another that tasted like a combination of peanut butter and sweet chili sauce.  They were both delicious but I preferred the latter whereas my beau liked the lighter one.  That goes to show you that fatter people tend to go for food and sauces that are much stronger in flavor ... lol.  The way I look at it is... we know what good food tastes like and they don't!

I thought the heart-shaped brown rice was so cute.  Normally you would see white rice as an upside-down round bowl, particularly in Chinese restaurants, so I thought this was pretty creative and a unique spin to the usual.  What girl doesn't like seeing a heart?  I'll admit it, I did the whole "Aww" thing when the dish came out, lol!

Unfortunately, my heart had to be broken when the main dishes came out.  It also started oozing with blood!  No, more like I drizzled a lot of flavorful sauce on it!!

We paired our rice with a specialty of theirs, Mango Chicken, apparently a very popular choice amongst the customers.  It was basically a sweet and sour chicken, mango and bell pepper stir-fry plated on mango skin.  It was delish!  Not only was it sweet and sour, there was a hint of spicy, which wasn't too overpowering ... just perfect for a weakling like me.

Ofcourse, we also had to order a curry dish, so we went with a "medium spicy" red curry seafood platter.  Although I normally prefer Indian or even Malaysian curry over Thai curry, I don't mind its coconuttiness.  It gives the curry a great aroma and sweetness, which is preferable over the overly spicy types once in a while.  This one was still a tad too spicy for me because I have a weak tolerance ... so you can imagine how empty I kept my glass of water.

Meal must've been good ... we ate EVERYTHING!

AND we had room for some green tea ice cream!



  1. Next post should be your homemade sai mai lo, so I can droooOOOL....

  2. @Don - it was, wasn't it?? =D

    @John - i can see a post on sai mai lo very soon...

    @Don & John - your names rhyme!