Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Crazy Family's Photo Contributions

When I broke to my sisters that I just started a blog with a main concentration on food, I asked them to contribute photos of good food so that I can share them here.  I also requested that they take detailed and quality pictures of food in ALL ANGLES because they are unacceptable if they don't meet my standards, lol!  One of the first emails that I received had me rolling ...

LOL ... my family is crazy!  A Coke can in all angles ... who would have expected that?  However, it's nice to receive these silly emails once in a while to keep me sane!

Well besides that, I also received the following pictures.  It's roast pork over rice from Wing Wong on Mott St., a juicy burger with fries from Cup and Saucer on Canal St. and finally beef brisket over rice from Oversea Taste Restaurant on Canal St.

I told her that her photos suck ... but I honestly think that she has some potential!

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