Monday, August 23, 2010

Guess the Shadow!


So I went to Chinatown today after work to get something taken care of.  Prior to hopping on the train back home, I made a stop at the Chinese market that extends from Mott to Elizabeth Streets.  No idea what the place is called, but it has everything!  They sell just about anything all in a long narrow aisle, from meat to frozen foods, to takeout to pastries ... and SUSHI!  What's even better was their $6 for 2 deal.  So glad I made the stop.

Unfortunately, my favorite salmon sashimi wasn't part of the deal, so I picked up 2 boxes of Unagi Maki, probably one of the best rolls created.  The combination of avocado with eel is perfecto.


  1. hahaha that would've worked too, but too bad you're wrong!