Sunday, September 12, 2010

FAT SAT(urday)

I am sitting here typing my blog entry with a full stomach, ugh!  However, I am excited to share with you how the current blob in my stomach looked before it turned into mush!

As usual, I went grocery shopping early this afternoon with my boy toy.  He laid his eyes on some cheap shell steak, which hyped me up because I'm a huge sucker for steak drenched in ketchup =).  Steak also brings me back memories of my deceased mom and all the wonderful dishes that she use to whip up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Occasionally, she would stray away from cooking a typical Chinese dinner, which almost always consists of a bowl of white rice for each individual, a big bowl of soup, and several other dishes for sharing.  As much as I love Chinese food, it gets a bit boring eating and seeing similar food on the table day after day.  Luckily, my mother realizes this, so once in a while, she'd make us some juicy steak along with other side dishes.  For some reason, I gravitated towards the ketchup as a young girl.  I think the sweetness & sourness of ketchup complements steak very well and isn't too overpowering.

Tonight, I decided to finish up the arborio rice that's been sitting in our cabinet.  Steak paired with risotto, a lot of yummy in my tummy!  Not to mention, I used a lot of catsup!

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