Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Got Beef?

I have yet to post an entry on fashion, as a majority of my entries are on food.  Not once did it cross my mind to write an entry on fashion and its direct relationship with food.  Well, this is possible when there is LADY GAGA!

How insane was the meat dress that she wore at the VMA's?  We've all seen the ridiculously eccentric outfits she's worn, from the Christmas wreath around her head to the 10-inch platform shoes that she tripped on ... but raw meat, and a half pound flank steak "hat" smacked on the top of her head?  The only good thing that came out of this is probably the publicity - all for wearing an outfit that cost her a whopping $100!

I think the beef would've been better in my hands and tummy than on Lady Gaga.  Well, despite the craziness, I still love her music!

On another note, I made a good treat this weekend that is very worthy of being posted.  This post isn't on fashion after all, eh?

Before Mike Kim was eliminated from MasterChef for presenting a dessert that contained raw eggs, he explained that his lack of knowledge in dessert-making is due to Asians not eating dessert (and when we do, we eat fruit).  Although his confession is true, there is one Asian dessert that is to die for!  Let's do a little show-hopping.  An ingredient of this dessert was recently used on the latest episode of Top Chef.  You guessed it, it's tapioca!

I personally prefer my tapioca chilled with honeydew or cantaloupes, but when eaten hot, I like it with taro.  The danger with taro is that it's inedible when raw, so make sure you cook it through before eating it! 

Taro tapioca calls for a few simple ingredients: taro, tapioca, coconut milk, water and sugar.  As you can see, I was left with some starchy residue on my cutting board from cutting the taro ... so be ready for some washing!  It is also a good idea to soak the tapioca pearls prior to cooking them until they expand so that they soften up and cook faster.

This is the perfect dessert for frugal foodies with a sweet tooth and either not a whole lot of time to make dessert or are too lazy to make dessert.  The taro cost me less than a dollar per pound, tapioca was 69 cents a bag and coconut milk was less than 2 bucks a can.  It only took about half an hour to make too ... so what are you waiting for?

Asians may not be known for their desserts ... because fruits are our sweet treat ... but we may be able to redeem ourselves with this one!


  1. YES! been waiting for this one! =D

  2. You've been waiting for Lady Gaga to put on a meat dress haven't you? Wakakaka