Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baby Blue Obsession!!

OH EM GEE! I've always been hugely obsessed with light shades of blue (baby blue, pastel blue, sky blue, whatever you want to call it!). The feeling baby blue gives me is indescribable. It's almost as powerful as sitting by the water, under a clear blue sky. So serene and calming. When faced with a purchase of an item that comes in multiple colors, I almost always go with baby blue, if available. The only reason why I don't is the fact that I own way too many baby blue items!  For some variety, I am forced to go with something else =(.

For this reason, I absolutely love Martha Stewart's kitchen collection. Those of you who have taken a stroll through Macy's cellar know exactly what I am talking about! She has food processors, blenders, baking mats, cutting boards, colanders, mixing bowls, etc in light shades of blue!  The color is so pleasing to the eye!  Just imagine being able to cook and bake with them!

The main reason why I am dedicating this post to Martha Stewart is because she just premiered her Office Collection at Staples!  OH EM GEE!  I am so excited to make my first purchase of her baby blue office item.  This is troubling because my dream room (office or bed room, which?) will contain baby blue painted walls ... what the hell am I gonna do with all these same colored items?

Just adorable...
I am overly hooked.  Help!

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