Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birthday with a Foodie Girlfriend!

It was my boyfriend's birthday a few days ago, a good excuse to eat!! The fatty foodie girlfriend that I am ensured that his birthday was loaded with food! Because his bday fell on a weekday and we were both exhausted from work, we decided to celebrate on the weekend. Ofcourse, with the fat mindset that I have, I'm not going to let the night of his actual bday pass without some cake and take-out! Living Social coincidentally had a deal @ Haagen Dazs a couple of days before his bday: $15 for $30 ice cream cake! I had no clue that I can custom order a cake =( so I grabbed one that was readily made. Fortunately it was still good, with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors, topped with frozen strawberries and Oreos. They also gave me a $5 gift card so I'm gonna order myself a coffee & chocolate cake next time! Woohoo

Came in a nice big box!
Looks like it's missing an Oreo ... or was it stolen? >=)
As for the take-out, I grabbed some grilled chicken over rice at Paris Sandwich, one of my favorite food spots in Chinatown!  They make the best chicken over the best short grain rice!  Oh, can't forget their green tea waffles ... delish!  They raised the price from a buck to $1.25, but still worth it!

They sure give a lot of chicken!
And as for the weekend celebration, we celebrated at Bayridge Sushi in Brooklyn.  Yes, yes, I know ... it was another coupon from Living Social.  I'm frugal, what can I say?  Anywho, we use to go to their old location once in a while for their all-you-can eat sushi.  We never made time for it ever since they moved to their new spot, so it was kind of nice eating at this roomier, romantic and hipper restaurant.  The fresh sashimi I ordered left me speechless because it was so buttery and melts-in-your-mouth!  My boyfriend ordered an udon noodle soup, which came in a bowl that I am on the lookout for!  I need to own that bowl!

Where can I get this bowl?
Eel avocado roll with oyster tempura roll
My entree: Sashimi with brown rice
Yeah so that was an extended birthday celebration with lots of food.  That's for being with a fatty foodie girlfriend!



    Had no idea Paris sandwich had rice! I got a Banh Mi there last week.

    When they make cameras that take 3D pictures, you should be the first to buy!

    and happy bday

  2. You didn't have breakfast? Not good!!
    Yes they have rice and you need to try it! Get the grilled chicken over rice, it's awesome!! I was thinking about investing in a professional Nikon camera, but imagine me taking pics of food at restaurants w/ a huge camera... lol.