Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hermes Birkin Alternatives

Just like everybody else, I absolutely adore the Hermes Birkin tote.  Celebrities can own one in just about every color without denting their wallets, whereas people like us can only dream of carrying one.  Have no fear!  There are so many cheaper alternatives out there that are still classy and chic.

I opted for this Tribeca leather tote by Calvin Klein.  It retails for about $300 but I snatched it on eBay, brand new, for less than $100.  Definitely one of my best finds yet!

You may also go with this tote by Michael Kors, which retails for about $300 as well.  The only thing that turns me off about this tote is the imitation lock on it.  It really serves no purpose other than adding some extra weight to an already heavy bag, or a to-be heavy bag.  If I had to choose, I'd go with the jelly one, which I find much cuter.  It's so vibrant and makes a perfect summer bag!

Cole Haan may be a wee bit pricier, but they've got a handful of nice totes also! They're definitely worth the money because their products are made of fine quality.

Now if you're really broke and want to have some fun, you may opt for this canvas tote by Thursday Friday.  They come in Balenciaga too!  LOL.  I might actually grab myself one just to satisfy my desire to own one.  With a squint of the eyes, nobody would be able to tell!

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