Saturday, April 21, 2012


Sunny day, high in the 70's!  Where does that take me?  To the beach?  Shopping?  WRONG!  Fatties go to Costco on a nice day like this!  LOL

You won't believe how excited I get when I go food shopping.  Just the thought of stocking up my fridge with food and having a myriad of things to snack on perks me up.  But what really perks me up when one mentions Costco are its DRIED MANGOES and SMOKED SALMON!  Those are must-buys when I'm there because not only are they delish but they are deals that can't possibly be found anywhere else!

Can't wait to eat you darling .. on a bed of cream cheese!  Growl!

It can't get any better than this.  Nom Nom Nom!
What's even better is what I discovered while strolling down the aisles and following my nose to the smell of aromatic, freshly baked, homemade bread from the bakery.  What caught my eyes (and my nose) was this bag that said "Roasted Garlic."  Looked perfectly toasty on the outside and seemingly soft on the inside.  After catching a whiff of it, I said to it BABY, I AM GOING TO TAKE YOU HOME TONIGHT!  I WANT TO BITE OFF THAT TOASTY, CRACKED TOP OF YOU RIGHT NOW, YES THAT PIECE THAT'S STICKING RIGHT OUT AT ME!  And so I did.  After ripping off that piece, I sliced & popped the rest in the oven to toast them up a bit and dipped them in some pesto.  Yummay!  I had some of them plain and I have to say, they were so good.  Tasted just like garlic bread without the butter.

One bag wasn't enough, was it?  So I also picked up a French baguette.  Gonna top it off with some of the smoked salmon and cream cheese ;)

Oh Costco, how I love thee!

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  1. yum! i have a bag of those dried mangoes too! delicious!