Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nice Day for Sorbet ... That Rhymes!!

It was so gorgeous out today!!  Went to Secaucus Outlets with my sisters and had a great time!  Always nice to spend some quality time with the fam.

To beat the heat and to end the night with something sweet (that rhymes too!), I stopped by Uncle Louie G for some sorbet.  Upon being told that a pint of ice cream cost $7 (hell to the n-o I am NOT paying that much for ice cream), I opted for the sorbet which was only $5 ... more reasonable no?  Had a little taste of the pina colada and the coconut before my purchase because it's always a good way to get in a free bite =D.  Then placed my order for a pint of pina colada and coconut, lol.  Brought it home to share with the hubz.  Yum Yum!

Wish my 2 sisters a happy happy birthday <3<3.  Love you guys!

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