Sunday, March 25, 2012

Restaurant Review: Jean Philippe

I woke up this morning with one thing in my mind:  I'm fat.  Not only did I wake up extremely bloated from eating a whole package of Chinese pickled cabbage an hour before bedtime, but I had a dream about crepes.  LMAO!  Dreams are so odd.  Frankly I haven't had a single thought about crepes recently.  I don't know where the dream came from and what triggered it but what the hell, here goes a blog post about crepes!

There are three reasons why I love crepes:  simple, light and tasty.  They work like a slice of white bread that can be used to make french toast or a delicious sandwich.  To create a savory crepe, wrap it around some meat and veggies.  To create a dessert crepe, top it with some chocolate syrup, fruits or ice cream!  The good part is they are so simple to make.  The bad part is, there is no bad part!  Try it out with this recipe!

One of the best crepes I've had was from Jean Philippe Patisserie at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas.  It wasn't an extensive menu so it didn't require much time to come up with my savory crepe and dessert crepe of choice.

We arrived at the Patisserie and was automatically hit with the lovely scent of crepe
While waiting in line, we enjoyed the view of stacked croissants (I picked up one the next morning!) ...
and the many other applications of phyllo dough
Ooh what's in this wonderfully boxed present?
My savory turkey crepe with a side salad!
Believe it or not we came here for breakfast but couldn't resist the sound of a dessert crepe with coconut ice cream!  It was topped with warm mango and paired with a memorable cup of hot coffee.  It was divine!

Pretty stirrer too!
It makes clear sense to me now why I would dream of crepes.  Time to visit a creperie in New York!


  1. oh, soo good! I love Jean Philippe! :) I wish I could eat there EVERY day!

  2. I want to dream of crepes tonight and hope that it will come true by tomorrow.;)