Saturday, March 24, 2012

Uber Sour

Ever wonder why some children can have such a strong tolerance for sour candy?  Do they enjoy the sour or the instant sweet that comes after?  Or is it the combination of both?  Now, do you gradually build a tolerance for this taste the more you eat sour foods?  It's such a funny thing because as a kid I've always loved snacking on sour patch kids and sour straws/tapes.  These candies never fail in getting you to suck in your cheeks and tighten your lips, but we still find them to be so enjoyable to eat!  Sweet & sour is undoubtedly a perfect combo!

Likewise, savory and sour pairs together well also!  I picked up several packs of sour cabbage at the Chinese supermarket and have been using them to stir fry with flank steak.  I normally find restaurant dishes with several strips of sour cabbage either in noodles or a meat dish, but to avoid having to store the remaining unused cabbage, I decided to OD on it and dump in the entire package.  This left me wondering whether I have such a high tolerance for my uber sour dish because I've eaten sour as a child.  On the other hand, my boyfriend found the sour overpowering and gave me the rest of his uneaten cabbage.  Poor thing.  I still loved my dish!

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