Sunday, May 6, 2012


Woke up at 8:50am on a Sunday morning.  That's very unlike me to wake up before 11am on a weekend.  But I had to do it, for survival, for my life!  I had a horrible dream this morning that nearly made me choke in my sleep.  I felt my heart pounding.  I felt my nerves.  I was trying to take the last part of my CPA exam in a "classroom-like" environment with a man sitting in front of me who was out to get me!  He was holding a grudge against me for something I've done in my dream (mind you, this man has recurringly appeared in several of my dreams, holding the same grudge ... very scary) so he was bugging me the entire time, distracting me from my test.  I got so fed up I told on him to the proctor (childish of me eh?) and started cursing him out.  The proctor arranged for me to sit somewhere else, but my mind was so boggled up due to seeing the man in the corner of my eye, that there was no way for me to focus and pass.  Fearing this, I forced myself up from my dream. LOL.  I feel like a kid again.

On a brighter note, my boyfriend got me these mini cakes from Financier Patisserie =).  It's a tiramisu on the right and a cheesecake on the left, two of my faves.  They were so yummy.  Not too sweet for cakes, which I like, and there was an apparent use of high quality ingredients.  Lady fingers in the tiramisu were soft and the amount of coffee you taste with every bite was just perfect.  The cheesecake was actually a moussey one, with a satisfying amount of cheese, topped with fresh raspberries.  LOVE!

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