Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good Girly Reads

I was never a reader.  Books I've read were either assigned for a book report or required to ace a class.  I was a good student, oftentimes hard on myself to pull straight A''s, so I did what I had to do to see A's and only A's on my report card or obtain a GPA of nothing lower than a 3.6.  I was ecstatic after graduating from college, upon completion of nearly 16+ years of education, because I truly hated studying, homework ... and reading!  (I didn't mind math, however, which decidedly means I chose the right profession... maybe.)

Oddly, as you begin to age, things seem to reverse.  I haven't lost my youthful mindset yet, but in addition to that, I also seek some serenity and some quiet time to myself.  Part of that has been satisfied by music, and a good read.  After I passed my CPA exam, I wanted to pick up a book so badly, one that I can leisurely read and enjoy.  I went on Amazon and purchased 6 books, most of which fell under the same genre, plus The Hunger Games on the side, which I am excited to open!  (If you're wondering why I remember to underline book titles.  English/Language Arts was one of my favorite subjects!)

So out of the 6 books were these 2, Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin and Pratice Makes Perfect by Julie James, which I finished in 2 weeks!  OH EM GEE.  I remember how I use to hate reading so much that I would skip paragraphs to finish a book sooner.  Now I'm finishing a book in a week, a little more or less. That is besides the point, which is I LOVED THEM!!  They had me LOLing, which is kind of hard to do for those who know me.  Another reason why I loved them was the modern writing styles and lingos used by the authors.  Highly recommended if you enjoy a romantic comedy/chick flick.  I am officially a nerd *snort

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