Saturday, May 26, 2012

Banana Bread Biscotti?

When life throws you lemons ... you make lemonade.

When life throws you ripe bananas ... you make banana bread!!

So last week I bought 2 bunches of bananas.  This morning, I was left with two that had enough black dots on them to make me not want to eat them by itself.  There's nothing worse than eating mushy, ripe bananas that can bring others to a misophonic state.  I truly HATE that sound.

I'm looking at the bananas and one thing pops in my head.  Banana bread!  I've never made them before so I thought this was the perfect time.  I pulled up a few recipes and was surprised by how simple it was to make this bread.  So simple that I had all the ingredients in my pantry!  As for all the tools ... I say nay!  I was missing a loaf pan, so there was no way that my banana bread would come out looking like a loaf of bread.  I followed my recipe of choice, which can be found here, replacing the sugar with Splenda granulated sugar, and poured the batter into my baking pan, trying my best to shape the mixture into a loaf form.  I checked on the bread every 15 minutes and decided that I had to cut the time down to 30 minutes since the bread would most likely cook faster in a flatter pan.  And I was right!  I took it out in 30 minutes and the bread was perfectly baked.

This is no loaf!   =(
However, my attempt to shape the bread into a loaf failed ever so badly.  The bread ended up looking like biscotti after slicing, but on a good note, they were SO DELICIOUS!!  I also loved the pattern that was formed.  Bananas never looked this beautiful to me lol.

Banana bread biscotti!!
Pretty patterns and so yummy!

I had the bread for breakfast and it paired pretty nicely with a cup of coffee.  I will surely make banana bread again.  But first, I have to get myself a loaf pan =D

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