Monday, June 4, 2012

Antioxidants ... My Excuse to Eat Ice Cream!!

It's been so warm out recently that I finished my first tub of ice cream!!  Not a good sign, especially since bikini season is approaching!

However, I have nothing but rave for this brand and flavor of ice cream.  It is green tea ice cream by Maeda-en, by far one of my most favorite!  I love the fact that, unlike most other ice cream, Maeda-en's green tea ice cream isn't overly sweet.  At the same time, you can actually taste a good amount of green tea flavor.  It is also creamy enough to get the perfect scoop, so broken wrists are not required!  If you have to use antioxidants as an excuse to eat this ice cream everyday, go for it!!  That's what I do! =D

I'm working on my 2nd tub =X

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