Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fish w/ Bittermelon & Black Bean Sauce

Per Chinese people, there are a number of foods popular amongst the Asians, particularly the Chinese, that supposedly "de-heat" your body when you're feeling a bit "heaty."  I honestly have no clue what the proper term to describe this "heatiness" is, but it is pronounced "yeet hay" in the Cantonese dialect.  Symptoms of "heatiness" may include nose bleeds (again, this is per the Chinese), oral blisters, acne, and so on.  I suppose when anything protrudes from your skin or unpleasant liquids start oozing out of your body in one way or another ... you're heaty?  Lol.

Anyway, so whenever I'm feeling this heatiness and feel the need to cleanse my body, or may I use the popular term "detox," I go to these foods as a solution.  For instance, herbal teas, winter melon, and bitter melon.  I have no scientific backing to all this gibberish, but I am after all Chinese and will support my fellow Chinese for their health theories!

And that brings me to my dish, fish and bitter melon stir fry with black bean sauce.  Don't be intimidated by bitter melon!

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